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Lear Jet to the UK

A Client who did not want to share a truck has had one of our smaller vehicles all to himself, arrives this weekend So here's your chance to have a direct "Door to Door" Service at the Shared Load Price, Contact me Now I'm on 0034 619 247 823 Direct [caption id="attachment_1788" align="alignnone" width="300"]This is<br/><p><a class=Continue reading →

Vehicle’s presently For Sale

Fancy Moving yourself ? These Vehicles are at our Mallorca Depot Both are Taxed, Tested and Fully UK Legal, The Renault we bought in recently to cover a job,  its got a Tow Bar, The Daf is Non HGV , Double Sleeper and has the Roof Mounted Air Con system, Box Body of 20 foot, Ring me on 0034 619 247 823 For More Details Number Plate on DAF is not included  

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“FRANCE” Delays, Disruption, May, June 2016

As you may be aware through the Press and TV there are various issues going on in France Fuel Strikes, Road Blockades, Air Traffic Control, Calais Immigrants, Etc This can cause delays which we have no control over,  our vehicles carry enough fuel from Spain, UK so that we are not reliant on French Fuel To put the icing on the cake the Island Ferrys are double booking, and trucks are getting left behind every sailing this time of year, having an account with the Ferry Co for 15 years plus means we are a preferred client,   so far so good Point is this,  we cannot

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Room on trip departing UK the 18th of June Sorry, We do not do Pet Transport ! No Pets allowed !

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Beware of, On Line Quotations from, Boiler House sales team,

On Line Quotations, from Boiler House sales team, Agencys, Movers without infrastructure etc, In this modern age most will go to the internet to search for a Mover, with some very clever websites out there to catch your attention, So the first thing I would like to point out is that “Webbs” are at the top of unsponsored “Google” when searching Removals, Mallorca and other key words So we do know what we are talking about. Other Websites may appear, first I think you should be asking the question, is this an Agency another Mover, it is even possible that it is a

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IBIZA, The White Isle Space Both Ways

We have space at the time of writing on our trip of the 16th of June to Ibiza Let me know your requirements, webbs@spain.cc sales@webbsremovals.com Humans, Bill Webb Spain 619 247 823 Gareth UK 07812 605488   [caption id="attachment_1717" align="alignnone" width="234"]A Recent Advert of ours

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August 2016, Week Commencing 15th and 22nd Fully Booked

We advise all that the Trips 15th and 22nd are now fully Booked So we cannot undertake any more bookings for this period Any query,  contact me direct     Bill Webb   0034 619 247 823  

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The Spanish "Targo" Bank has recently taken over Branches of Credito Balear etc   Their Debit Cards at the time of writing will not work in the French Motorway Toll System Be advised,     Just as well we carry a few UK cards as well   Hi Bill I have been told that our cards are not prepared to pay in Tolls Card readers . This is due to technical reasons. In Tolls there is no need to enter Pin Code number (transaction off-line). Our cards admit only transactions with Pin code (on-line). We are working

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Pet and Animal Transportation

This Requires the DEFRA Licence with approved vehicles and staff training, Im not telling you lot again, we dont do it OK ! [caption id="attachment_1237" align="alignnone" width="300"]Nothing Surprises Us ! Ney ![/caption] Nothing Surprises Us ! And for those who try sneaking them onto our

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The Britts are coming to Mallorca !

Week Commencing the Second of May we have Four Vehicles carrying in excess of 350 cubic metres of effects to the Island These are the personal homes of clients not general

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The only weekly self-resourced removal service to
and from Mallorca – EST. 1985

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email sales@webbsremovals.com