Cheap Removals and Transport

19th March 2020

Cheap Removals and Transport

Our Eastern European Cousins are offering to the Trade and Public as below.

Position Dimensions Weight Type Area
GB, NN114ND, Daventry 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
GB, SK11, Stockport 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
GB, BS348, Stoke Gifford 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
GB, B694, Oldbury-Smethwick 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
GB, W1G8, West End of London 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
GB, TN341, Hastings 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
SE, 46330, Lilla Edet 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH
SE, 11152, Stockholm 4.2×2.1×2.2 1t-1.2 t Tilt ALL /EU/NO/CH

Working from the Dimensions Given,

This equates to the Vehicle having a capacity in Volume of 19.5 Cubic metre

They Do Clearly Advertise the Weight they are legally allowed to Carry.

However, in the Removal Industry, there is a Standard that for every Cubic metre, you need a good 100 Kilo Payload, just to give you an idea, 8 Standard removal cartons which equate to one cubic metre, at 20 kgs each, is 160 kgs.

Based upon these dimensions, the vehicle should be able to carry   1950 kgs, but in fact, they can only carry 1000 to 1200 Kgs at best, that is a 700, to 900 Kgs shortfall.   

That means, this type of Vehicle which is Canvas Side if loaded to its Volumetric Capacity, working then at the Removal industry’s Standard Weight to Volume this is.

36% Over weight! Huge Fines, Vehicle Impounded, etc,

Primarily these are owner drivers whom live in these vehicles for months on end and work for agency’s and Broker Sites at ridiculously low rates.

         Your Choice, Your Stuff!

Contact me Bill Webb direct at for the best possible deals and service.

100 m3

We use Hi Volume Vehicles between Depots, Shuttle Vans of course for collection, deliveries at no extra charge.

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