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Five Months in, Brexit, is it getting any easier ?

Well its been New Rules for every one, how they were to be interpreted

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Latest Brexit Guide for Moving

The article covers the latest Brexit Guide for Moving. The PDF below (also available at: https://tinyurl.com/Latest-Brexit-Guide-for-Moving ) is primarily for the UK to the EU, but also informative to all those Moving Worldwide.

A presentation by one of the Worlds Leading Removers Association the British Association of Removers of which Webb's International both UK and Palma de Mallorca are members off.

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TOR1 Transfer of Residence

Edited 30th of January 2021

For those whom are Moving with the Webb's International Removals, Palma de Mallorca depot, lock, stock and barrel from Spain to the UK, this link is a method of applying to

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Boris and the Brexit Charges

In this article, we discuss Boris and the Brexit Changes and how these impact on exporting and importing from Spain - Brexit, Balearics, EU to the U.K.

Brexit has brought about a lot of changes, primarily your effects now have to Exported out of Spain, then Imported back into Blighty.

The Rules are the much the same, whoever is Transporting the Goods, be that you, Me, Man and Van, Horse and Cart.

Some say, the Most Important part of any Move, Removal is the Preparation. ?

Export Wrapped Chairs Proper Job
Sign of a Professional

Brexit and Moving: This is an informal piece of information,

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The Specialist Removal Company for Mallorca

Constantly Updating,

UK already is and Mallorca going on Lockdown as from Tuesday the 12th

Important Notice:

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Mallorca is presently restricting Non Spanish Residents from entering into the Country.

Don't you Wish You Were Here!

January 1st, 2021. A Happy and Healthy New Year to you all

First Trailer of 2021 is here ready to Unload


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