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EuroMovers Conference, Copenhagen, May 2019

My Son Gareth Webb and I were honoured to be invited as  guests to probably Europes most prestigious collection of Movers from around the World

Webbs international are the Balearics Specialist Mover, well known in Europe and also Worldwide

I learnt a new word there,  "Global Mobility"      here I am making my first ever presentation to the group,    I hope everyone found it informative

This ones on wheels !   its one of our old vehicles which we sold a few years ago,  used to keep their goods, supplys in it whilst they were renovating their house in the Countryside

We now have it back ! ,    it starts, runs fine,  the body is the equivalent of a 20 ft container in space 30m3  is dry and secure

Yes I know its not a Shipping container !     but it caught your eye didn't it

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Majorca to the Algarve

We have a vehicle travelling from our Mallorca Depot down to the Algarve first week of June with plenty of space

Bill    0034 619 247 823 direct

Webbs International have been proud to have supported, sponsored the quiz league of and on for many years

Here I am presenting Monroe from The Bays with this fine Silverware  for their latest win

looking forward to November 2019 when the quiz starts up again

www.calviaquizleague.co.uk for more details

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Whose Coming to take you away ?

In this age of Apps, Review Sites, On Line Forms, Boiler House Sales teams, Fake news, reviews, just whom do you trust or believe Now we are talking about just moving your home, lifetime possessions. Read on, Let us clarify one thing, despite everything you may read, there is only one “Self-Resourced” Removal Company that is both British and Spanish accredited that operates a weekly service to and from  Majorca. “Webbs” The others primarily sub contract out, wait until they can fill a truck, run the small vans, which have a

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Estepona, Malaga to Majorca

Costa Del Sol, returning via Valencia

In mid April we have two of our vehicles down in Southern Spain which will be returning back to Majorca, Mallorca

Whatever you need, we have, yes we are fully accredited to work within Spain,   drop me an email on webbs@spain.cc       971 693566    Bill Webb

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Vehicle Licence Rules

Please watch this video made by Bill Webbs to understand the rules and regulations regarding the use of removal vehicles on the island of

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Not a Bad Kudos to Have !

I'm pleased to remind everyone that "Webbs Intenational Removals SL here in Majorca  has been accepted into the FEDEM (Federación Española de Empresas de Mudanzas). This is to ensure all our clients are afforded a professional service both in Spain, UK and Worldwide "Webbs" are the only Company to hold both FEDEM (Federación Española de Empresas de Mudanzas). and The British Association of Removers Accreditations in The Balearics Not a bad Kudos to shout about !

Have you been to various Search engines, found some On Line Movers, completed their forms ?

Do you want to know the process next, in the majority of cases they will subcontract your Move out to the cheapest bidder, after all they are out to make maximum profit out of your move

Fact is, here in Majorca there is only One, Mover that primarily is fully Spanish and British accredited, has an office in Calvia, has the largest fleet of Spanish

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Reviewing the reviews !

Since the onslaught of the Internet, faceless businesses with no offices, its getting more difficult for a consumer to check a Companys Accreditations Just what do you believe nowadays, false news, false claims, its getting a bit of a nightmare out there

In our Industry there is over ten different review Sites which Moving Company's can draw your attention to, now without naming names, some of these Review Sites also sell "Advertising" to the Moving industry, some even sell packing and wrapping

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The only weekly self-resourced removal service to
and from Mallorca – EST. 1985

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email sales@webbsremovals.com