On-line Survey Quote, Estimate.

This form is designed so that you can give us a pretty accurate description of what you need and require.

We fully understand that it is difficult for a client to be 100% accurate but this is a great basis on which we can give you an Estimate. So the more accurate you are, as will be the price we give.

In the Majority of cases once you have completed one of these forms, then we have had a chat by email and phone we will come and see you, in Mallorca 95% of Jobs we Quote, we have viewed, in the UK maybe not quite such a high percentage but nor are we adverse to jumping in the car and driving significant mileage to view what’s required.

Bill Webb from the Mallorca depot is often travelling around mainland Europe visiting clients whom are moving to the Island !

Should point out

The internet is all well and good, except that those Removal Company’s whom do not come and view what’s needed have to put in a raft of small print in their prices. One actually says that they will check and measure your job after its been collected! So make your own mind up ! A bit of Old Fashion Customer Services can never be beaten. We are human, we do like to meet our clients face to face!

Problems completing this Form ? Best ring me, Bill Webb on 0034 619 247 823 direct. If its Just a Small Part Load to be Moved then please e-mail us with the details.

Please Note: This form is very large and may take a short while to send after you hit the submit button.

You will only get a read receipt, if you have put in your email address!

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