Documentation, UK / Mallorca

Customs formalities, duty free, tax paid, VAT unpaid.

An Inventory of Effects Collected will be written up by the collection crew. You will be asked to complete a ‘Collection / Delivery Form’ this is straight forward, the information required is:

Full Address & Contact Numbers UK & Mallorca, Passport Number. A 24 hour Contact Number is Required.

Please Download our Declaration Note

Certificate of Shipment

Customers whom are purchasing Effects in the UK and applying for ‘VAT’ Free from their supplier. Proof of Delivery Required. Please note that as our service is within the EEC we do not require Customs clearance, therefore no Customs ‘stamps’ etc are on our / your paperwork.

We can only stamp your paperwork with our official “Webbs International Removals SL” [Mallorca Business Stamp] confirming that the effects have been delivered. Please ensure that this is acceptable before entering into any business transaction either with ourselves or a supplier.

Transport VAT or IVA free

Only a Business with a Valid Fiscal Number can be Invoiced without this tax element, these payments must be by BACs only and originate from the business account of whom we are Invoicing, All Tax free transactions are checked.


Documentation, Mallorca / UK / Worldwide

It would be reasonable to expect this to be a simple reverse of procedure, however it is not, The Spanish, French and UK Customs and Police do target ‘Removal Vehicles’, probably because most of the effects are packed by owner, we / the authorities may not be 100% sure of the exact contents.

Therefore documentation required is:

  • Completion of our Collection Delivery Form
  • Photocopy of Passport [Details page]
  • 24 Hour, Landline & Mobile Number , Detailed Inventory

Duty free / tax paid effects, i.e. Tobacco, wine & spirits & similar items

These effects cannot be transported as part of a move. These effects are your property, however as you are not physically travelling with the vehicle it is classed as smuggling, therefore transportation of these and similar effects are not allowed.

The only allowance in a vehicle is that of the driver!


Our Vehicles are regularly stopped and inspected, especially as another ‘Removal Company’ on its Balearic Service recently was stopped and found to be carrying 295kgs of Drugs so, don’t even think about it! A Copy of all Senders Passports are required, No Passport, No Transport.

Please Download our Declaration Note

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