Important Notice: Coronavirus (Covid-19) The Government are continually reviewing their stance on Coronavirus/Covid-19. As part of their future plans and in an attempt to slow the spread of Covid-19, instructions may be given that restrict our ability to deliver services as quoted. 
Should such measures be implemented, this will restrict our ability to meet our quotation and or supply services as detailed. We may be obligated to delay, suspend or indeed cancel our services. If the virus or Government directions affect our ability to conduct your removal, relocation or other services, we and our insurers will not be in a position to accept any liability for losses that may arise and we therefore limit our liability accordingly.

We also have a duty of care to our staff and co contractors, and therefore ask that you notify us should you or any of your household be diagnosed or display symptoms of Covid-19.

I am moving, what information do you need?

Please complete the online form as best you can and send it back to us.

I am not an ‘Estimator / Surveyor’ – would someone come come and see me?

Of Course, in the UK its Gareth Webb 0044 1843 585055, he is an Experienced Removal man, Gareth speaks from first hand experience of our Industry, here in Mallorca its Bill Webb 0034 971 693566, proprietor of the Company along with Matthew from Webbs Mallorca, please note that we do not employ commission based Agents in Mallorca nor will your enquiry be dealt with by Tele Sales Teams in the UK. Their Quotes are normally just ‘Indicative.

Packing Materials, I want some delivered!

Again either Gareth or Bill will arrange all this.

I will pack the non breakables, but want you to pack the rest

Yes no problems, we do make a modest charge for a ‘Packing Service’.

Does everything need to be in a box?

Obviously not everything fits into a box, all we ask is that you do your best, leave the rest to us.

How do you protect my furniture?

Our Company policy is to Export Wrap everything where possible, that means bubble wrap, paper blankets, then plastic protective covers for Soft Furnishings, Beds, Sofas etc.

But does that cost more?

It costs more than just a loose blanket wrap, that is the method that for example some ‘Movers’ use for a local move, however as your job will probably be handled at least three times, the chance of damage is just far to high. So we prefer, unless you advise us differently, to professionally wrap your effects, by Export Wrapping it almost eliminates the chance of damage, and it is all part of that price.

I need it picked up on a certain day / time

No problems, after all you are the Customer! But we do need as much notice as possible, at least 5 working days!

I am in Mallorca for only a few days, I need the effects delivered at a certain time / date.

Fine, it was agreed at the time of the collection.

What are your business hours

Our hours are 0745 to 1630 hrs Monday to Friday, Saturday by appointment only and subject to bribery and corruption! Please Note the Mallorca Depot can sometimes be shut for a short period when very busy, so always phone 0034 619 247 823 to advise you are coming.

Out of Business Hours Contact

Please note that although Gareth and I , Bill Webb have mobiles we would appreciate any call out of normal business hours be ‘Emergency’s Only’.

I want my effects delivered on a Weekend, Fiesta, and Public Holiday

Working on a Sunday, Fiesta, Public Holidays is not available, Not even for bribes! The Police will fine us if we are caught working!

Have you Storage facilities?

YES and all our Clients are given an allowance of free containerised storage in either the UK or Mallorca, there is a page dedicated to this subject in the website. Please read this thoroughly.

Why do you not deliver direct to my door with the same vehicle that came from the UK?

It is just not practical in most circumstances, the Vehicle from the UK is 16.5 metres long, can weigh up to 38 tons! We have difficulty getting a small transit van to some destinations,

The home I am moving to is bad access for a truck, how do you get my effects there?

We have a fleet of smaller vehicles (Spanish) based at our Santa Ponsa Depot, No Problems!

Is it not most Movers Terms & Conditions that there is an additional charge if a small vehicle is required

Yes it is ! However we are the Mallorca Specialist, we do allow for these problems and we do not charge extra for this. But yes additional charges can be charged by most other Movers.

Your Local Delivery Vans, are they Spanish Licensed ?

Yes they are, we hold a Spanish Transport licence of course.

What about the Man and Van adverts I’ve seen for Local Moves within Spain, why are some so cheap

There are very few ‘Man and Van’ operators in Spain due to the strict transport licence requirements. You will normally find that the cheap operators are running around in plain non sign written vehicle with a Mobile Number or found on the Social Media, now if Traffico (Spanish Traffic Police) stop this vehicle it is likely to be impounded on the spot and a large fine given. How do we know? Because it happened to us in our earlier days. So don’t be afraid to ask.

I am moving to an address where there are parking restrictions

Central Palma can be a nightmare, likewise so can some towns, for this reason we often have to apply to the Police for a permit to park, these can take three days to organise, there is a charge of 100 Euros minimum for this, the customer has to pay!

We often do try our luck with the Police over parking restrictions; this is fine for smaller jobs where we are only parked for a few minutes, The Cargo Bays often found only allow 15 minutes unloading so if it is a larger job we – you will have to get the permissions / permits.

I live in an Apartment and need my Concert Grand Piano to go to the 7th floor and there is no lift!

Large, Heavy, Bulky items, no Problems! However we will have to use an external lift / crane and additional staff, this cost extra, budget on 140 Euros per hour for outside lift / crane, there is a min charge of 2 hours for the crane / lift.

But, there is a lift and good stairs, why should I pay extra?

In Spain the use of lifts for moving home is not normally allowed by the community manager, it is NORMAL practice for outside lifts to be used, Crews do not carry manageable effects up more than three flights of stairs.

Will you pick up all the waste packing materials after I have unpacked?

We will collect any good cartons that have been flattened down on the day of delivery, the waste wrapping etc should be put in the many recycling bins available, Mallorca does operate a very good recycling system.

How do I pay for my Move / Storage?

Payment is required shortly after the collection and, or when we take Custody, Bank Transfer is best, MasterCard, Visa also accepted. Sorry No cheques, AMEX / DINERS Card, GBP transactions, for Debit Cards NO, CC Fee, but Credit Cards plus 2.5%. If paying by Bank Transfer, All Fees are payable by the Sender, Paying in Euros Cash for a GBP Invoice, the Rate is the prevailing EURO to GBP.

No effects are released or delivered unless All charges are paid for in cleared funds prior, No Exceptions

Do your Mallorca crews speak English?

Yes! also our Foreman speaks excellent Spanish.

I am collecting from your Depot, what do I need ?

For Security Matters, Client must have personal identification with them, along with a copy of the Inventory or / and Order. If a friend or colleague is collecting on behalf of client, the relevant Office must have written notification from client stating it is ok to release. No ID, No Collection.

Whom is it at the UK and Mallorca Offices ?

In the UK its Dawn and Gareth Webb, along with Naomi. In Mallorca its Bill Webb.

Moving within Mallorca, do we do it ?

No, there is a Company called Webbs Mallorca SL, they are independent and carry out Moves within Mallorca and to the Mainland.

I’m confused, why are there so many numbers for Webbs in Mallorca advertised?

The Direct numbers are as supplied on our documentation and website, other numbers are Agents, Colleague’s.

I have not had received my Quote you promised ?

E-mails from Webbs International Removals do include Headers and Footers that may be ‘Spammed’ especially any e-mails from our Spanish Office, Spanish IP addresses are often blocked by Spam Filters, please ensure your Computer will accept e-mails from which is the UK e-mail, and is our Mallorca e-mail.

What Infrastructure do you have in Mallorca ?

Hopefully you have read the website through, we are the only Company to have full time management, facilities, crew and Bill Webb to oversee your move.

Do you Sell Packing and Wrapping Materials at the Mallorca Depot ?

Yes we do.

‘Handy Man Services’ General Trades Man, Furniture and Effects Set Up, (Mallorca and UK )

Although our crews sometimes will dismantle or disconnect items at your request upon the collection we are not legally insured or qualified to do so, should you need anything reassembled, a plumber, electrician Sky TV man, let us know, our Crews are not allowed to reassemble anything than absolute basic’s Same for all ‘Movers’ blame the Ambulance chasers!

I’ve been On Line and found various Mover Sites , are you affiliated or work with these ?

No, not a chance, the majority of these sites (boiler rooms) have no offices you can visit, no experience and will subcontract your job to unreliable carriers, avoid !

What’s with the Dog ?

Jasmine Webb, Chief of Security 18-10-1998 to 15-05-2010.Photo Jasmine Webb. Sadly missed by all who knew her for her quirky ways and smiles.


Are Webbs the Best Value for Money ?


Your Terms and Conditions, are they applicable outside the UK

YES ! There must be an element of common sense, language and consistency. Please read the Terms and Conditions section fully. Applicable law is UK wherever in the world the documentation is signed, job collected and or delivered.

Parking Arrangements whose responsibility

Unless we are notified well in advance and therefore can make arrangements for suitable access, we expect the client to ensure there is a space for us, parking tickets, bay suspensions etc. are all to your account.

What effect has Brexit on your Schedules and Services?

At the time of writing not even Spanish Customs have all the answers, but it will make the Route more timely to complete, we will be updating the website as soon as we know the facts.

Covid-19, – What procedure do we have in place to protect the Customer and Crews?

The UK as well as Mallorca Office has a Directive to all Crews, Risk assessment, the use of PPE, Masks, Hand gel, Procedure,  “Removals” are very strenuous, working in Masks is not ideal and can slow the Crews down considerably.

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email