Written Inventories

26th April 2020

Written Inventories

Here at Webbs International Removals,  “The Majorca Specialist” , likewise any other professional Removal Company, we will write up an Inventory of what is collected, listing the large effects as per their general description, cartons, cases packed by the “Mover” will give a brief description of their contents, as packed.

Each item has the clients name and the individual item number, some jobs may even have coded labels

Goods, wrapped by the client or their agent will be listed purely as in General terms, for example, item of furniture, picture, carton,  case etc,   sometimes with the terminology  packed by owner, contents unknown, even if the client has put their own description of contents on it, our Insurers insist that the mover records only what they can visually see.

It is a requirement that the Client, or their Agent be on site at Both Collection and delivery points, 

This is to check that nothing is taken in error, nor left behind.

This Inventory is also scanned and sent to the relevant receiving depot as well as the client

This is most importantly for you, our Client and the Movers protection.

Now should the Client not be on site, not agree with what their Agent has signed for in their absence, that needs to be advised in writing immediately to the Removal Company,  No Exceptions.

When the Goods are delivered, the crew will have their paper copy of the Inventory, this for both the client and crew to check of.

5o, if we have fifty items collected, then deliver the said fifty items as recorded, that is how the system works,

Very straightforward,  

If something is not recorded on the inventory, it means, it was not collected

You must always demand a written Inventory upon collection


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