The Update at 11th May

10th May 2020

The Update at 11th May

UK Depot

We are operating our Freight, Trade Removals and Vehicle Transportation Service Weekly to and from Mallorca.

Under the guidance of the UK Government and our Trade Association of Removers, the “BAR” Webbs are not entering people’s homes in the UK.

There has been some proposals put forward by the “BAR” for how the Industry can commence taking into consideration the Health and Safety of you the client as well as our crews and their family’s.

The week commencing the 18th we are having a meeting with our staff and crews to discuss how best to proceed, safely.

The UK government also has the Furlough scheme, there is an announcement due in the next few days regarding either the reduction in amount paid, or scrapping it completely.

Until we are given a clear directive, what we are continuing to do is a UK Depot Drop in & Collection Service, We have operated this system for the past three weeks.

The UK Depot is CT7 ONE,  your contact is Adrian,  0044 7974 788453  – Sensible hours please, and WhatsApp is preferable.

Freight and Car Transporter

Spanish Depot,

Well the Joys of being an Established Registered Removal Company here in Mallorca,  we are allowed with the correct documentation, PPE, crews agreement allowed to do certain “Moves”.

There are many interpretations of the government rules, our Spanish Trade Association FEDEM has tried to clarify these, but however the Police Local will put their own interpretation on what is allowed.

We are not allowed to enter a shared building, for example an Apartment, Office Block unless we have permission of everyone who’s resident, working there.

Must maintain the 2 metre separation rule except when carrying a two man item , i.e. Sofa, bed, wardrobe etc.  Full PPE of course to be worn at all times.

So yes we are operating, as safely and practical as possible.

 Depot is not open to the public, but Bill Webb 0034 619 247 823 WhatsApp.

My Personal Comments

Yes in the UK there are both large and small Removal Company’s operating we are aware of   it is their choice to operate,   are you happy with three strangers in your house right now, and why are the Estate agents, lawyers not open to the public?

Some “Movers” say they are supplying an emergency service, yes some certainly are, but many are taking advantage of the situation, some simply just can not afford to abide by the professional guidelines.

Even when the UK Government is paying 80% of the wage bill, numerous grants etc.  

Team Hulk
Team Hulk

In Mallorca,   well the Police clamped down on the Country quite severely, in fact the media report the harshest “Shut Down” on any population in Europe, read through my previous posts and they explain most, this meant that non-residents / those whom were not registered with the local council, document called the “padron” could not get back to the Islands, be that by Plane or “private” vehicle.

Having a Spanish Residencia was not accepted, for example those people from Madrid with holiday homes in Alicante for example, were not allowed to travel “Locals only”.

So for all those “Movers” operating under the Radar, couldn’t get back to the islands, or if they did, with the numerous Road blocks did not have the documentation to confirm they were a legitimate business, now just to confirm,   that you need to hold a Spanish operator’s licence for any Spanish vehicle used for Hire and reward,  that way you  will have all the necessary documents anyway, a misconception is that if the Driver of any European registered vehicle pays the Spanish “Autonomo” that makes them a legitimate Removal Company,   it doesn’t

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

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