Mallorca, Brexit, Customs Formalities

19th May 2021

Mallorca, Brexit, Customs Formalities

Six Months in, Brexit, is it getting any easier ?

Well it’s been new rules for everyone since Brexit. How they were to be interpreted was always going to be interesting. Here at the Palma de Mallorca Office we have had a lot of assistance from our Customs Agent. They are as interested to learn as we are. Our UK Agent had already had experience in traffic to non EU countries, so not such a baptism of bureaucracy for them.

After experienced gained from twenty five round trips to and from the Islands, Webb International Removals are getting there. By no means do we know it all. In Spain the process is “materialising” to coin a phrase.

Returning to the UK

Your Goods, if they originated UK or not, must now be exported from Spain and imported into the UK. They must be properly wrapped, packed, inventory written up and documented as part of the new Brexit rulings. However, this rule does not apply if your goods were officially exported out of UK pre 2021. In that case you will qualify under “Returning UK Origin Goods”. This will be very unusual since nobody carried out this process to the EU. It was not a requirement for household goods, effects. But this may well be a scenario for you, a UK car, put onto Spanish plates, now returning to UK, as there are Government documentation to support that process, that is not subject to duty, VAT.


On the subject of VAT and Duty, this gets a bit involved and something I really need to talk you through either in person or on the phone. I would just like to point out, my name is Bill, not Boris or Barnier. I never made up the Brexit rules! However the HMRC, TOR1 does allow VAT, duty free for those returning there one and only main residence.

Very Important: Foreigner Identity Number (NIE)

If you have a NIE, you must inform us.  If you have lost the number, please let us know straight away. The biggest hold up we have in Spain is related to issues regarding a NIE. Customs will not process your documentation if not declared, it is not activated. Anything to do with a NIE we need to know in advance. Customs are more interested in the person than the load. If you would like me to clarify that further, please ring me!  


I’ve mentioned this in a previous post, there are a lot of interpretations on the media, heresay and some who really do not know what they are talking about. At Webbs International Removals we have carried out over ninety successful applications that we have vetted prior to application to HMRC.

Please let us complete this application on your behalf. HMRC won’t accept an application unless it’s complete. This includes the inventory, which the Mover must do. Few clients have applied independently and have been refused at the last minute, this has meant additional costs to them in HMRC charges . The key reason for refusal is having an established home in the UK for over twelve months prior to departure of effects from Spain – “You cannot have two main residences”.

Let us do the process, Joanne at Admin Webb’s will take you through this process by phone or email, helping you to complete the documentation. You can always call into our office either Joanne or I are here during office hours.

Joanne and Bill

A Footnote a Usual

Regardless of what you may be told, informed or read, the Customs process must be adhered to. Documentation must be submitted in the Country of Collection ( Spain). An Exit Document is issued for your Consignment here in Spain which is then scanned at the Port of Exit, Calais. No Documents, No Boarding the Ferry, Simple as. The Ferry Companies as well as Customs are well aware of those “Movers” whom constantly say their Moving their Granny and don’t need any paperwork !

To point out, we are the only company that is both British and Spanish accredited which has an office and on site directors here in Mallorca. You get no Bull out of Bill. Best part of 40 years in the Industry!

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