TOR1 Transfer of Residence

30th January 2021

TOR1 Transfer of Residence

Edited 30th of January 2021

For those whom are Moving with the Webb’s International Removals, Palma de Mallorca depot, lock, stock and barrel from Spain to the UK, this link is a method of applying to have your used effects admitted into UK VAT Free.

ONLY, use this method if you are cutting your ties 100% with Mallorca, Minorca, Ibiza, Balearic Islands, Spain.

If you still have business, personal interests in Spain, I suggest you don’t use the TOR1 method.

By completing the TOR1 you are stating that you have left, leaving, Spain and entering the UK for good, the reference HMRC will give you if your application is approved, will be recorded on the Export Document Spain issues.

You have now told Spain, you are leaving, Adios !

I have delved into the possible repercussions of this. Spain may well take this as a resignation, cancellation of your RESIDENCIA.

After all, the form does say, Transfer of Residence, doesn’t it ?

It’s still early days to know all the ramifications, but there’s a bitter divorce going on and call me a cynical old so and so. I can foresee problems for anyone whom needs to be Spanish accountable without a RESIDENCIA.

So if you still have any interests whatsoever in Spain, it will be foolhardy to possibly lose such an important qualification, document , as you know, your RESIDENCIA means everything in Spain.

So I suggest clients declare their goods at lets say 1500 GBP to UK Customs, that’s 300 quid, or whatever figure you think is reasonable, its 20% VAT payable, Spain does not need to know you have quit and you get to keep your RESIDENCIA for as long as possible?

Pay the Lady !

It’s a No Brainer!

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