Are Video surveys within the Removal industry a good idea?

22nd February 2020

Are Video surveys within the Removal industry a good idea?

Moving from UK to Mallorca

At Webbs International Removals Ltd – we recommend that you consider avoiding videos surveys at all costs unless as a last resort! On the surface, a video survey may sounds convenient. It allows movers to conducted a remote video survey prior to moving – saving on traveling costs and time. However, these are not a substitute for a face-to-face meeting at your property. At Webbs, we specialise in meeting customers in person, making sure you get the best possible service.

Are you moving your household removals? Relocating between UK, Europe to / from Majorca? Looking for a no nonsense survey by the proprietors of Mallorca’s most well known mover? Then get in touch with Webbs International Removals for a quote.

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We are specialists within the removal industry between UK and Mallorca.  Webbs International Removals has to be up to date with modern technology, one of the first Removal Company’s with a website and a mobile phone back in the 1980s. Read more about our long standing company and get in touch to see how we can help you.

For a specialist company such as ourselves, getting to meet the client, their agent face to face is imperative. We can discuss what needs to be moved, packed and wrapped. This needs to be viewed by a professional surveyor, someone with experience in the industry and who can take into account the clients concerns, answer their questions, check access and so on.

Video surveys have become ‘the latest thing’ to have hit our Industry. An on-line video survey which according to internet searches:

“Here is How It Works”

“Instead of organising a property viewing in person to determine the scope of your move and to come up with a quote, we can easily skip all this by conducting a simple and time-saving video survey. Contact us to set up a date and time for your appointment – it is absolutely free and it can be done any day of the week, including on weekends and bank holidays.

When the time for your removals video survey comes, we will reach you beforehand to set it up. It can be done on any platform or instant messenger that allows conference talks such as WhatsApp or Skype. One of our friendly operators will call you so just pick up and turn on the camera. From there on, simply follow their instructions. The operator will ask you to show them around the property and focus on the items and belongings that will be moved. This way they will have a comprehensive check-list that will determine the scope of your move, the workforce necessary to carry it out as well as type/number of transportation vehicles.”

(reference: Internet searches)

Call me a bit of a dinosaur, but what the heck has happened to our Industry! At Webbs International Removals ltd – we pride ourselves on being a face-to-face company, putting customer experience at the top of our list of priorities.

Few facts you that should be aware of:

  • A video survey puts the onus on the client rather than the agent;
  • Your home may well be sent out to dozens of movers to quote;
  • Movers with zero accreditations or knowledge of your exact requirements will quote for the job;
  • There is a mile of small print attached to these surveys;
  • Since the mover doesn’t visit your home, it is likely the charges are unreliable;

The list could go on, but one thing is clear – you really need to ask the question, why wouldn’t the “mover agent”  invest a bit of time and money and come and visit you in person on a date that is convenient to you? After all, if someone cannot be afford the time to invest in the client, wherever they may be, should the client invest in that company?

In a nutshell – a video survey should only be an absolute last resort.

Here at “Webbs” every job originating Mallorca is surveyed by a professional Removal Surveyor. We do not entertain commission-based agents. In the UK our Surveyor will call to discuss your move and arrange a face-to-face visit.

Yes we scrub up for Surveys !

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