Update on “Webbs International Removals”

1st December 2019

Update on “Webbs International Removals”

The 1st of December 2019 and what a busy year this has been to date, Brexit has caused a stir, many Moving both ways on our UK, Mallorca scheduled service

Then many Clients have Moved Worldwide, New Zealand the most popular, followed by Australia and the USA

There’s also been an increase in traffic to the Far East, we have a good relationship with Shipping Agents Worldwide and at a recent Movers convention this year I had the chance to meet many,

Now one thing that I have also noticed is the power of the Internet, Websites, Referral sites, Reviews etc.

And the majority of it can be very misleading, there has been two “Boiler Room Brokers” that have gone bust in the UK,   one which left peoples homes and belongings stranded Worldwide

So what do you believe,   hard to tell, Good as Well as Bad reviews can be bought,

So Now you have Company’s, be them Large or Small advertising a Service that they don’t actually carry out

Porky Pies and White Lies ?

So far this year we have carried out over 95 round trips to the Islands, some weeks running three European Mega Trailers,

That is more trips than the others whom advertise a similar service put together!

If your looking for Reliability and Value for Money,        We are the Best !

Now if anyone has any query, need to clarify anything, this is my Direct Mobile 0034 619247823       Now how many CEOs put their direct line up

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