The “Jack of None”

10th June 2018

The “Jack of None”


That’s a big statement to make, in this age of internet, on line quotes, face time isn’t it good that there’s still one firm that is 100% committed to offering a Personal Quality Service

Primarily that is having a Full Time infrastructure in Mallorca as well as the UK ,  “Webb’s” are the only Company that has full time management here in Mallorca, an Office to call into, unrivalled infrastructure and all in a language easily understood.

Goes on to say its just not good enough to have just the UK “accreditations”  they are somewhat worthless once in Spain.

“Webbs” hold full Spanish, licences, permits and accreditations, that is the protection a client should look for and does need

Don’t be confused by flash websites and sales talk,  if they cannot be bothered to come and view your job personally,

their quote could be only indicative.   If they ask you,   get another Mover to do a survey and give us the details,  again, hardly professional is it,  you really want a business like that Moving your possessions !

Not all that glitters is gold I once was told by an old business man

Never has that saying become so true,   the internet can be a misleading place !  So many phoney reports and reviews

You have any query,    this is my direct number      0034 619 247 823  Bill Webb,   “Webb’s International”

Now how many proprietors put up their direct “Mobile numbers ? ”

“Webb’s International”                          The Jack of None !


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