Reviewing the reviews !

26th February 2019

Reviewing the reviews !

Since the onslaught of the Internet, faceless businesses with no offices, its getting more difficult for a consumer to check a Companys Accreditations Just what do you believe nowadays, false news, false claims, its getting a bit of a nightmare out there

In our Industry there is over ten different review Sites which Moving Company’s can draw your attention to, now without naming names, some of these Review Sites also sell “Advertising” to the Moving industry, some even sell packing and wrapping materials as well as other services

Now call me a cynical old so and so, but how can one “Mover” have 150 plus 5 star Reviews on one site, and be absolutely slaughtered with bad reviews on an other ?     Maybe because they advertise with one, but not the other ??

All we can tell you at “Webbs” is that we have an honest approach to business, we do, have what we advertise, yes there are a mixture of reviews about us across the Internet, We do list Government and Trade Accreditations, All Checkable, Still Unsure, theres the Directors direct Mobile numbers on our Contact page as well

The Only Fabricated Bull we have !

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