Positive thoughts only

27th February 2020

Positive thoughts only

In the past few posts, I have discussed Video Surveys and Transport Licences for the benefit of the public. Despite wonderful in many ways, the Internet can also be a minefield. It seems, whoever is at the top of Google or other search engines, tend to secure most requests, regardless of their experience. This means that whoever is paying the most to SEO companies such as Google, tend to be presented first in searches. This doesn’t in fact have any bearing of the experience they have as a mover and just because they are at the top of Google, doesn’t necessarily mean they are the best fit for your requirements.

I am extremely pleased to advise that this year alone 2020 – Webbs International Removals have carried out nine round trips from the UK as at the 27th of February! All these trips have been in our Maximum Volume Trucks, Trailers, not a small Van! Our ‘So called’ “Competitors” whom advertise a weekly service have managed just the two!

So, after a rather busy November, December and early January, trade dropped off quite considerably in February. But we are pleased to say we obviously kept to our schedules even though the trucks were not full to capacity. This week our truck from the UK was full to the back doors, next week we have two trucks arriving.


Looking ahead, now the GBP has increased in value against the Euro, enquiries are picking up on the UK to Mallorca leg, those returning to their homeland, wherever it may be worldwide, we have a reliable, cost effective service for you.

Feel free to call by to our Mallorca Depot, good idea to give me a ring prior to ensure I’m here. I am out and about most workdays as well as weekends on calls. Don’t forget that I survey all Moves, it’s the only way to get it right and that’s for both of us.

Call me anytime on 0034 619 247 823. Regards Bill Webb.

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