Not the same vehicle ?

12th July 2023

Not the same vehicle ?

Why we seldom use the same vehicle Door to Door

That’s a very fair question, something often asked, so let me explain

The 3500 kg Box, Panel Van is an excellent piece of kit, here at Webbs international, we have a dozen or more of various sizes and guises !   

The Trailer has 20 Tons capacity , the Van, just over ONE Ton !

They are excellent for poor access, shuttle vehicles to a prime mover,

The Big downfall of this size, weight of vehicle is that they have a very poor payload, so running around near the collection, destination is about all they are fit for,

Some maths, the professional Removal Industry allows 100 kilos per 1 Cubic metre, the 3500 Box Vans which are constantly being built larger are upon average 20 Cubic metres, so a vehicle of 2000 kgs payload will be required.

Alas these vehicles only have a legal payload of 1000 kgs once the driver gets in. along with a full tank of fuel


Not Cost effective ,

It is nigh on impossible to make this type of vehicle both legal and cost effective, I know, I’ve tried and been fined, impounded until the weight was put onto another vehicle,

The Internet is full of this “Type” of Mover, now what I have noticed is that a lot of these “Movers” are now clearly stating the maximum weight they can carry, with onboard weighing device, their vehicle, can well be up to their Maximum weight when only half full

Quite recently I witnessed this for myself where a job that I had quoted, client went for an On-Line Mover instead (of course they were cheaper) but left 50% of the home behind when the vehicle was declared full

Having started as a Man and Van back in the early 80s I’m well aware of how the industry works, 

The Large Box Vans are targeted by the Authorities, hence why using this type of vehicle when used for “Removals” is not really fit for purpose its being used for

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