Licences to Operate a Commercial Removal Vehicle

26th February 2020

Licences to Operate a Commercial Removal Vehicle

It is important that clients are made aware that most Commercial Vehicle Operators require a Government Issued Transport Licence to Operate for hire and reward.

Please be aware, those whom do not hold a British Transport Licence will operate lightweight vans of up to 3500 kgs only.  These vehicles have a minimal payload, favoured by the ‘Man and Van’, ‘Small Movers Operators’ which are consisted ideal for small jobs only. We use these ourselves on occasion.

This lightweight type is similar to the self-drive vehicles that you can hire and drive. Below is an indicative picture of the size these vehicle tend to be. They carry just over 1 Ton so are only suitable for smaller jobs.

The majority of professional Removal and Transport Company’s in the UK whom do hold a Transport Licence will have this size vehicle as part of their varied  fleet. These are certainly not their only vehicle.


A UK transport Licence Holder needs to have attained various Government Requirements which include:

  • A Certificate of Professional Confidence (“CPC”);
  • The vehicles, off Street parking maintenance agreement with a Garage;
  • Transport Manager, Financial Standing, Serious Investment;

“Webbs International Removals Ltd” has a Full UK International Transport Licence, Number OK 2010493

Prime Mover UK Road Train of 110 Cubic Metres

For Spain

Spanish License – Tarjeta De Transporte

To work within Spain, and operate from a Spanish address, you must hold a Spanish Transport Licence (see above). This is required at even the lower weights,  This is known as ‘Tarjeta De Transporte’.

Webbs International Removals SL holds a “National” Spanish Transport Licence for vehicles up to 3500 kgs.  At Webbs depot in Mallorca we have seven Spanish Registered Vehicles which are primarily used for the local collections and deliveries to and from our UK Prime Mover.

The Use of British Registered Vehicles are not allowed for working within Spain, only too, or from.

Our Spanish Transport Licence  Number is also our Fiscal Number which is B57237133

One of our Numerous Spanish Shuttle Vehicles used for Poor Access

So, it is advisable that when you are checking a Movers Accreditations, ensure you see their Fiscal details, Insurance liability, etc. Also check that your Mover operates a suitable vehicle for your job and holds (if necessary), the relevant “British Transport Licence and or  Spanish Tarjeta De Transporte” license.        

Ask any Removal Company, the Question: Do you hold a Transport Licence ? You could be surprised how many do not. And if they do no. Why not?

Please be aware – the use of inappropriate vehicles could lead to your consignment being impounded and serious fines !

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