Is it the same vehicle, “door to door”

1st April 2018

Is it the same vehicle, “door to door”

Great question, and quite easily explained,    in the majority of cases, No,  To make it cost effective to both the client and the carrier the optimisation of large vehicles is required.

At collection we will often use a smaller vehicle to gain access outside your home, our crews carry out a thorough wrapping and  packing of your effects, write up an Inventory of what’s been collected

This is then transferred onto our Prime Mover for transport between Depots, again at destination a smaller vehicle is used for delivery

Its just not practical to run our larger shared load  trucks to your address,, In fact our Vehicles are the Largest Capacity Volume in Europe

In the UK we have eight smaller vehicles, Mallorca there is seven.

Not to say that we do not do “Door to Door” same vehicle,   almost weekly we have clients who want just a small vehicle all to themselves,   no problem

Whatever system you use, and maybe you have sourced another carrier, ensure the pure basics,    you get a written contract, an Inventory of effects collected,  the mover is registered in both Mallorca and UK, and that there’s a name on the side of your van, truck

A Mover being only “UK” registered,  unfortunately can no longer  protect you in Spain


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