Contacting “Webbs”

29th December 2015

Contacting “Webbs”

As you may see, there are lots of Contact Numbers for Webbs in both the UK and Mallorca

Land line Numbers as well as Mobiles, there are over ten different numbers that you can get us on, and we do love a Chat !

But, we will always ask you to put your request or instructions in writing to us.

Preference is by email,

UK Office is

Mallorca is

You could also Message, Whatsap

Bill in Mallorca and Gareth in the UK

Facebook, to be honest, not our preferred method of contact

Through the website link, until I have learnt how to block every spam link and pill seller !

Lets stick to the email

Thank you Bill Webb


Nothing Surprises Us !

Nothing Surprises Us !

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email