Beware of The Bedroom Broker !

24th October 2015

Beware of The Bedroom Broker !

The Internet can be a dangerous place,   what can you trust to be true ?

The Removal Industry is rife with what we call “Bedroom Brokers” these are so called “Movers” who in fact do not own anything except a rather flash website and a Lap Top in their spare bedroom

I can tell you a few of those,

Then there are the “Boiler Room” sales teams, again with impressive Websites and telesales,    these company’s will sell you their own grand mothers if possible.

Both of the above will try and secure your business and credit card, they in turn will then sell your Job onto the lowest bidder.

Now to increase their margins they do not always pass on the full details of your “Move”     this often does and probably will lead to additional charges being added along the way.



What you got to ask any business is,

Do you physically carry out the Move or do you Subcontract it out ?

If the Job is sub contracted out, who is it to ?

When you found that out,    come to us direct

A Few Facts,

“Webbs International Removals” are the only Weekly Scheduled Mover to and from “Mallorca” any other Mover mentioned are rather large white lies !

We are the preferred carrier for the majority of our fellow “Professional Movers”  including the Local Mallorcian Movers and they don’t normally trust anyone !

But we do not work for any Broker or Agency,

You have read the website, you can see the contact numbers of Gareth and Bill Webb direct

Give us a call,   any realistic time !


And for those Brokers out there

I have registered as well as .com

Just in case !



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