What a Year !

21st December 2021

What a Year !

As The True Specialist Mallorca Removal and Transport Company what an experience 2021 has been !

“Brexit” on January the first the whole Removal Industry was thrown into chaos, why, because not even the Customs, Government Officials truly knew the correct process, with improvisation, hard work, sleepless nights and a steep learning curve,

Customs Clearance La Jonquera

It then took us a few weeks to get our first Truck into Mallorca,

Customs Clearance on the Border took a few hours, we knew that some Company’s were then taking days to clear, frustration to say the least,

Eleven months plus down the line I would love to say that we now know it all, no we don’t, but we have excellent Agents both in Spain and the UK , these have been extremely helpful,

In the UK we have Naomi and for Mallorca Joanne whom have handled the majority of the documentation process. In the New Year we will be undertaking a larger part of the Customs process in house.

Is everyone leaving the Balearics ? well lets say that we carried out over 300 plus “Moves” both to and from the Islands,

Yes the majority have left, no, not just to the UK, but to France and Portugal which appear very popular

Make no mistake, there are still many clients still Moving to the Island, mainly the Mid, Top end of the market, that is where in my personal opinion Mallorca wants to be

The way forward, well we have a very healthy forecast for 2022, enquiry’s and, bookings are surprisingly strong yes its never going back to the invasion of the eighties, ninety’s, early 2000 by the British, but I hope I’m proved wrong !

What we can do !

The Europeans, primarily German, Swiss, the Baltic Country’s are certainly showing an interest in the Island, I think that people are taking a different view on life, those whom have been considering a Move to the Sun are now doing so, Welcome to Mallorca !

2022 will also bring about a few “welcome” new rules for those in the Transport Industry, primarily the explosion of those whom operate solely the Small Type of Vehicle “Man and Vans”

These “could” operate with little accountability, no transport licence being required, these have no doubt undermined some of the professional Removal Industry

It also meant that clients seldom know whom they were, are dealing with, especially in this day of the Internet,

Not to say that Back in 1985, that’s exactly how I first started, there was no internet then, it was all down to personality and getting around the Estate Agents, Yellow Pages, Thomson Local, etc, some apprenticeship for sure, but within 12 months we had our own Operating Licence, with a High Street Office in Broadstairs !

Thirty Eight years later, still learning !

Our First Diesel Van 1985

However, the Man and Van days are about to change, for the best !


This is something that we do bring our clients attention to,

Ensure your “Mover” holds a

Transport Licence, regardless of the size of vehicle, that includes those whom use “Hire Vans”

Is “Accountable” in Both the UK and Spain, that means a physical Government registered address

This is for your benefit, not so much mine, “Webb’s” operate a wide range of vehicles, we hold both a Spanish and UK Transport licence, one of a very few Movers whom do so

We have over 20 plus Van Type Vehicles, part of any professional Movers Fleet

May I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and a Healthy New Year, all the best from us all at “Webb’s International”

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email sales@webbsremovals.com