Whose Coming to take you away ?

7th April 2019

Whose Coming to take you away ?

In this age of Apps, Review Sites, On Line Forms, Boiler House Sales teams, Fake news, reviews, just whom do you trust or believe Now we are talking about just moving your home, lifetime possessions. Read on, Let us clarify one thing, despite everything you may read, there is only one “Self-Resourced” Removal Company that is both British and Spanish accredited that operates a weekly service to and from  Majorca. “Webbs” The others primarily sub contract out, wait until they can fill a truck, run the small vans, which have a very limited payload and capacity. Therefore, the process, just in case you’re interested, there are numerous “Movers” to be found on the internet, they have impressive websites, give the impression that they are exactly what you are looking for, then there are some Movers whom are a jack of every destination in the Universe.

This is how it works,

they have a similar “On Line Quote”  as found on our website,  https://www.webbs-removals.co.uk/online-quote/   you are in fact now completing a “Job Sheet” for them to put your Job up for Auction to the cheapest Mover sourced from anywhere in Europe, often using inappropriate vehicles.    The Industry is awash with various Media Sites whereby your home could be up for grabs. The Brokers give only partial information for a Mover to quote upon, hence a lot of small print in their quotes, that means you will almost certainly be in for later charges Depending upon Broker, your Move is probably now in the hands of a Mover that may have zero accreditations; no physical address, your only peace of mind will be by paying on a Credit Card.

Few Tips, Ask any Mover,

Are you physically carrying out my Move?   If not, whom are you subcontracting my home too?   Are they both Spanish and British Accredited? Three very basic things you should check, Any Mover that is not Spanish Accredited gives you Zero protection when in Spain Any query, Bill Webb at the Majorca Depot 0034 619 247 823 Direct

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