Why “Webbs International ” whats thier Secret ?

11th March 2018

Why “Webbs International ” whats thier Secret ?

Great question which I  can answer quite easily

The company is operated by the “Webb Family”   there are no shareholders, managers, surveyors or bank managers  to interfere !

Gareth and Dawn at the UK Depot have over 50 years experience of the Removal industry,  Bill here in Mallorca a good 35 years plus

So we all talk from first hand knowledge and experience,  we do not do the silly sales talk,  give indicative prices or schedules

We get it right,  from the outset

In 2017 we carried out best part of 100 round trips from the UK to the Balearic islands in primarily the Larger Trucks but also ran quite a few smaller vehicles for clients who wanted a truck just to themselves

This year,  again  we are way ahead of any “competitor”   running four trucks to their one,   yes ours are full both ways as well

Why ?    Our Clients want reliability !

Our Service is excellent, prices competitive, and yes you can always rest assured you will enjoy the experience and professional banter !


Bill in Mallorca     0034 19 247 823, webbs@spain.cc  Gareth in UK 00447812 605488  sales@webbsremovals.com are your direct contacts ok

We look forward to hearing from you




A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email sales@webbsremovals.com