Wanting True Value for Money, or just the cheapest method of Moving ?

21st April 2018

Wanting True Value for Money, or just the cheapest method of Moving ?

Lets cut to the chase,  if your looking for the cheapest method of Moving anything from A to B,  we are not the Company for you.

Webbs have been carrying out a weekly scheduled service, UK , Mallorca, UK for over fifteen years, in 2017 we did over one hundred round trips, as at 21/4/18,  twenty three trips !

We are 100% committed to the “Balearics”, in fact we are the first “British Association of Removers” to have a Depot in Mallorca and equally important, members of the Spanish Trade Associations also we are a registered British and Spanish Company.

No other Mover is as experienced or qualified, but yes there are a few options for sure, so lets take you through a few of these

Remember, the Balearics is expensive to access, with over two thousand ferry crossings so far we are fully conversant with these costs, in fact the ferry company’s do work close together, call it a cartel if you like, very little price difference between them,   “Captive Market”      Recently they have clamped down on those “Movers” with un sign written vehicles that book on as private instead of trade which is more expensive,    this has correctly reduced the Man and Van operators whom were running a service,  however there is still a character who has magnetic signs for his vehicle he removes as necessary !

Then there is the Bain of the Removal Industry, the price comparison sites, these we refuse to work for, they offer zero security to the client, they will subcontract the job to the cheapest method of transport regardless of qualification or experience, whereby you will probably  incur additional charges prior to delivery

Then there are the Professional Movers, they will collect and then sub contract out, we are privileged to work for most,

As a Spanish  “SL” Company, we can be held legally liable for your move here in Mallorca even if your contract is with another Company !  Are you aware of that?

We guarantee you, reliability, honesty and true value for money, nothing less !

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

Call us UK 01843 585055 ⋅ Mallorca 0034 971 693566 or email sales@webbsremovals.com