Volumes, Cubic, Square and Linear !

8th July 2017

Volumes, Cubic, Square and Linear !

A question  often asked by the DIY Private clients is how much is the cost per ??

Unless you are a Removal company yourself, have the goods all packed wrapped and ready to transport, any price would be plus putting the job to that standard !

Cubic Metres    M3     That is an exact  three dimensional volume,     say 2.5 metres by 2.0 by 1.8,    Total Cube is 9.00 m3

Square Metres  M2, This is two dimensions, the space on the floor,  but not the height, a lot of “Self Stores” work on square metres, because their storage areas might have pipes, ducting, sloping roof etc.      But a fair average is to work on a possible height of 2.5 metres,

Linear Metres    Pretty similar idea to square metres,    its the space used on the floor of a truck, trailer, van whatever whereby the space above cannot be used,    so hypothetically,     you have a Car, boat, jet ski etc,    its the space that this item takes up on the deck that is charged for


To make things as cost effective as possible, we offer a packing and wrapping service, crating of goods if needed and a double deck system within our trailers

Optimising space is our business,

Don’t mix up M2 and M3,      the difference in cost could be 250% !


Confused,   Ring me !


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