Understanding “Shared Load” Moving Schedules

22nd March 2024

Understanding “Shared Load” Moving Schedules

There is a cross section of those whom advertise a Removal. Freight Service to and from The Balearics,

The Man and Van, this is those whom only operate vehicles up to 3500 Tons Loaded.

These vehicles have pretty much no restrictions, ideal for Courier, Light weight work, they are somewhat unbeatable with , half the transit time of a Removal Truck. ( We have a fair few them as well, used as shuttle vehicles )

Then we come to The Movers whom operate different variants of Removal / Freight vehicles, these are primarily HGV Vehicles, which are subject to various Rules and Regulations and Fit for Purpose

“Webb’s International” probably operate the widest range of Vehicles both, to and from the Balearics

We advertise a Weekly Scheduled Service and upon average operate 60 plus return trips per year into Mallorca alone,

In 2023, we actually carried out over 115 return trips, but that included Ibiza and Menorca as well,

The Run up to Easter, is always our busiest time,

At Barcelona 2024 we have four of our Vehicles waiting to board the overnight Ferry to the Islands

Clearly operating a reliable service comes at a small premium, we certainly give the client the Best Value for their Money

Having a double deck system in our vehicles means that we can often multi-purpose what we can carry often a mixture Professionally Wrapped Removals plus dry freight, vehicles as well,

Nothing Hazardous, Odorous, or Liquids

www.majorcafastfreight.com also Covers that Part of our Business

That’s what makes “Webb’s” more versatile and reliable than most

Sole Use of Removal Truck, Yes we have plenty of those available

Your Truck, your dates, just as long as its logistically possible of course !

One of Our Road Train Removals Specification Vehicles

But, just be aware of the white lies and porky pies !

What is somewhat frustrating are those “Movers” whom advertise a “Weekly Service”, but have no intention whatsoever of physically doing so, their pricing at first may sound attractive, but they, well in fact YOU, will have to wait until they have enough volume on their vehicle to make it cost effective to operate

Your effects could be waiting many weeks a month plus, before they depart.

I guarantee you, the best value for your money and a far more reliable service

  Contact us now on webbs@spain.cc or sales@webbsremovals.com


“No Bull from Bill” for your Price Promise

Don’t forget to have a read of this as well !

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