Transhipping between vehicles

1st July 2020

Transhipping between vehicles

Be it a Sole Use, Shared, Part Load Moving service, to work out the safest most cost effective method for you the Client, the job needs to be first properly surveyed, prepared, wrapped and packed.

The trailer can carry 20 tons, that van can only carry just over 1, yes One ton

Upon collection an Inventory is written up. Due to access issues we will sometimes use one of our various smaller vehicles for the collection which will then be placed onto a more suitable vehicle to do the long removal journey between UK / Spain.

For transport, we use Europe’s Largest 100m3 Mega Trailers,  120 m3, for the Road Train!, These have a payload of up to 20 tons.

When we cannot get this size vehicle outside your door, it needs a Transship !

One question that is sometimes asked is why is it that we do not use the same vehicle, door to door?  This seems a very fair point, so here is a bit of basic maths to answer the question:

This size and model of vehicle as seen in the photographs below is very popular with the Sole Traders, Man and Vans, those whom do not operate “Removal Trucks or trailers”.  simply as they do not require a transport licence, speed limiter or restricted to driving hours.  These type of transport vehicles are very common. They are very useful in the correct circumstances! Everybody has them! In fact we have over twenty variants on our Spanish and British fleet. They are part of any professional Removal Companies fleet

The main concern with these types of transport is that they have one huge drawback – although they have a volume capacity between 18 and 25 cubic metres, which is brilliant,  they have a terrible payload of just over 1000 Kilos! Yes that is correct, just over one ton

To put that into context, the Removal Industry works upon that one cubic metre equating to 100 Kilos. Therefore making this type of vehicle go seriously over weight for the job of transporting your items.

Export Wrapped Chairs

Police often target this size vehicle. Webbs Removals openly admit to have been caught overweight with one of these Vans which was only half full,   the fines horrific! The vehicle cannot move until weight is transferred onto another vehicle. There is therefore obvious safety implications with this. Nada Bien !

Vans simply cannot operate cost effectively and stay within its limited payload, I know, I’ve tried, the Maths just don’t add up

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