The “Mega” Transformation,

27th December 2015

The “Mega” Transformation,

During 2015 we chose to optimise all available space to us without adding to the basic operating costs of Labour, Fuel, Ferry’s and Tolls

This meant a major investment whereby we went from the “Step Frame” Trailer which gives you approximately 85 Cubic Metres of space to a 105 Cubic Metre Mega,

The Pictures really show how this is achieved, one Trailer as you can see has a Step in it, that’s to allow the body to go over the rear wheels of the Unit which is pulling it



The other Trailer you will see is a flat floor all the way through, the Unit which is pulling this trailer is a Specialist Low Ride Tractor Unit

MEGA 105m3

So we have increased our capacity by 10% and still remained within the European maximum truck dimensions for an Articulated Vehicle.

This gives us, the Maximum Volume available and with our “Trailer Swap” system at both Depots
Will allow us to Transport 210 Cubic Metres of effects between UK, Mallorca and the UK with one Tractor Unit with one Driver in a Working Week

We have three of these Specialist Units and Trailers

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