The Catalonia Crisis and Webb’s International Removals

29th October 2017

The Catalonia Crisis and Webb’s International Removals

Over the past few weeks our trucks have been slightly delayed in the Catalonia area

This being the Motorway being blocked between the French Border and Barcelona and also a ferry crossing from Palma to Barcelona being delayed 12 hours so that the ferry arrived 0730 the following morning rather than 1930 the preceding evening when there was a mass demonstration in Barcelona

How we dealing with it,     the Scheduled service is departing UK a few hours earlier than normal so that we are down to the Spanish border earlier,   this is allowing us a lot more time in the problem area

Going back to the UK , we are at the grace of the Ferry company, they depart lunch time here in Mallorca for Barcelona,  should any delays be envisaged or advised we will put this up on the Blog page

Our Trucks are restricted to Speed Limiters and EEC Driving Hours Restrictions

We apologise for any delays if incurred






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