Storm Diana and The Yellow Vests !

29th November 2018

Storm Diana and The Yellow Vests !

Sounds a great name for a Band ?

Our Service to South West Ireland had to be postponed when the Ferry Company cancelled the Santander to Cork Ferry earlier this week, an option of driving to Cherboug and getting that ferry to Rosslare would still mean crossing the English Channel, Southern Irish Sea,     truck is scheduled to now depart a few days later when the weather has calmed down.



Alas, Vehicles departing our Mallorca Depot, one the scheduled service to the UK has been delayed, huge tail backs on the Spanish French border last night, this morning means our truck is running behind schedule, as our Trucks are governed by speed limiters and driving hour restrictions,  this vehicle will probably be delayed further en route as these protests continue through France,    without getting into Politics too much,   I strongly support the protesters, these protesters are primarily the Public,  fed up with France being taxed to the hilt      It now costs over one thousand pounds in fuel and road tolls to do the round trip through France to the Spanish border,  unsustainable !


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