Specialist Moving Mallorca Especialista en mudanzas Mallorca

19th May 2018

Specialist Moving Mallorca Especialista en mudanzas Mallorca


When it comes to Logistics there is only one specialist,  “Webb’s”   we have a fleet of eight smaller vehicles based here at our Mallorca Depot , some, conventional, even un conventional, but  that can get to parts of the island which are pretty difficult.

Central Palma, especially the Old Town is subject to numerous restrictions, ranging from time allowed on site, weekend and night time complete ban, maximum size vehicles, parking and crane permissions


Exterior cranes are normally required due to poor stairs and then the  bueuracracy that can challenge the patience of a Saint !

Just turning unorganised and you are in for an expensive shock.    We “rescue” those whom come unprepared on a regular basis

Needless to say the rest of the island can prove difficult as well

Early start Palma

That’s why we at “Webb’s” are experienced with over fifteen years local knowledge and have the infrastructure and capacity to overcome all issues.


Road Closed Palma

And that a big statement to make !

Don’t forget that “Webb’s” are also a Balearic Registered Company, hold local credentials and qualifications,   never before is the old adage,  its not only what you know,  its who you know !











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