Sending Goods Direct to Majorca Depot ?

12th July 2019

Sending Goods Direct to Majorca Depot ?

Now if you are considering using another Carrier, Supplier to Transport goods from the UK to Mallorca, please consider this   I’m aware that some UK suppliers will advise their clients that they can have the goods delivered direct to Mallorca, the customer have then asked if they can use us as a delivery point for storage and onward to final delivery point

As far as I am aware there is No direct service from UK to Mallorca, it gets sent by what’s called “Grouppage”,   Supplier to freight Hub in UK, then UK to Barcelona, transferred there onto the Freight Service to the islands,    this system is excellent for Sealed Pallets” Only

In the Past year we have noticed that Freight Company’s are now transporting, Beds, Sofas, Rugs etc, outsize items,      these are double, treble handled, this  by usually only one person, dragged if its not on a Pallet,  

Over 75% of Goods we receive from Third Party Carriers at our Mallorca Depot are either Dirty or Damaged packaging,  25% we have even refused to accept delivery,     it is a false economy.       These Carriers are not experienced furniture Movers.  

Be Aware,   it well be a false economy using this system, always ensure your goods are being sent with a professional mover, not as General freight   

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