Scary Expensive Stuff !

26th April 2020

Scary Expensive Stuff !

Well worth reading this prior to booking any Mover!

In previous Posts Ive mentioned the dangers of the internet, false information, reviews, accreditations, etc.

So what can you believe out there anymore, be that the friendly “Shifter” found on the Social media right up to larger companies with no local infrastructure nor accountability, be it that they have the biggest set of “Box Files” to their name, it means nothing without local Infrastructure or Transport Licence.

Here in Spain, any mover whom operates a Spanish vehicle, works as hire and reward, be that even right down to the smallest van vehicle, they must have a Transport licence to operate it.

Even this size vehicle needs a Transport Licence when working Hire and Reward !

With so many people now jumping on the “Removals” band wagon the authorities are doing a lot more spot checks, previously you could easily identify whom held a licence, it was clearly displayed in the windscreen, also vehicles had a blue and yellow triangle ours have “IB” for Islas Baleares , so that was the tell tell sign.

What has happened now is that its all gone Digital , no Triangle, no Licence displayed in the window, so you don’t know whose got one, but the Police do, they tend to target the plain un sign written vehicles, why, because they want to know whom they are.


Now if your said “Shifter” does not have an appropriate licence , the Fine can be 4000 Euros and the vehicle impounded, complete with your goods.

Just to clarify, those “Shifters” whom operate UK or other nationality vehicles abroad, now with Brexit looming, Spain as well as other European Countries are getting rather Tribal, I have both Spanish and British registration vehicles, so fully aware of whats happening first hand.

The Rules, this for vehicles that are Not Spanish Licensed, you may enter Spain, unload, reload and leave Spain, you cannot “work” that vehicle in Spain. A misconception by some is, that as they pay Autonomous into the Spanish system they can work a Non Spanish vehicle, no you cant, likewise, if you hold a Spanish residencia, you cannot drive a Non Spanish vehicle, confused ? Yes so was I until I got it correct, a nice Multa to show for it as well.

So, its best to check, any professional move will welcome being asked, obviously the ones whom have not, won’t, that’s why they’re cheaper in general.

Infracciones y multas relativas a la tarjeta de transporte

“Webbs International Removals SL is one of the very few “Movers in Europe to hold both Spanish as well as British Transport Licences and Accreditations, not a bad Accolade to hold, the company that started back in the early 80s, with an old Van, I have learnt probably the hard way, this information is therefore for your benefit, rather than mine.

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