Route Method

Webb’s International Removals Ltd are the only self resourced ‘Mover’ to carry out such a weekly scheduled.

  • Weekly Scheduled
  • Part Load and Full Load Vehicle Service
  • To Mallorca and Returning back to the UK in the very Same Week
  • With a 100% On Time record for ten years plus!

The effects are collected in one week, and then delivered the following; our Prime Mover will depart our Kent base on the Monday morning to arrive in Mallorca on the Wednesday morning.

The truck is unloaded at our Mallorca Depot, where we have a fleet of eight smaller delivery vehicles, these are required due to limited access for the large truck that has arrived from the UK.

The Spanish Office will be in touch with you to advise you of the day and approximate time of delivery as soon as possible, usually the Tuesday afternoon prior to the trucks arrival on the Wednesday, again a 24 hour contact number for you is required.

Delivery is over the next three days, if you have booked and paid for a specific date, that will be respected subject to logistics.

Please note that delivery or collection schedules can only be confirmed by either the UK or Mallorca Depot in writing. The collection crews cannot accept nor specify delivery dates.

‘Sole Use of Vehicle’ To Mallorca or the UK

This is where it has been agreed and quoted on you having a sole use of vehicle, basically you call all the shots, if it is logistically possible, we will do it.

Mallorca to the UK, Shared – Part Load Service

In the ‘Spirit’ of a Shared Load Service your move is exactly that! Our truck departs Mallorca on Wednesday, arrives at our Ramsgate Depot on the Friday.

The UK Office will work out the relative delivery schedules ASAP, they will telephone you to advise of the delivery date. It is imperative that you give a 24 hour ‘contact number’ on your completed Collection Form.

So as to keep our rates as competitive as possible your delivery will coincide with other work in your area, this can sometimes mean very short notice of your delivery, unless you can accept delivery at short notice it is best to opt for a ‘designated date’ yes this costs a bit more, please feel free to discuss this with either the UK or Mallorca Depot.

Please note that deliveries are within normal working hours. Deliveries required out of normal hours may well be charged extra.

Mallorca to the UK Special, Sole Use / Designated Delivery Date

Again, as long as everything was arranged at time of Quotation, Booking, we will adhere to these dates (Subject to Logistics and our T & Cs)

Delivery Ex Store – Mallorca or the UK

If you have booked a delivery date, fine, If not, as soon as you know for certain that you require your effects delivered, please contact the relevant Office immediately as our service is often booked up to seven working days ahead. We obviously will endeavour to accommodate the odd miracle, but as much notice as possible please!

A Few Things Explained!

It is in all ‘Movers’ Terms & Conditions that they can ‘Part Load’ your move, unless it is written in the contract that you will be having the truck just to yourself. It is also written that they can sub – contract your job out to another carrier! Webbs Removals do not sub contract out the UK, Mallorca, UK Service.

It’s two ferries & nine hundred and seventy miles, Calais to Barcelona, so schedules can be affected when Ferries, Motorways etc have problems. We cannot be held responsible for delays caused outside our control. But we do know a few tricks when there is problems en route, hence our 100% success rate!

What a Lot Of Customers are not Aware of

  • HGV Trucks are restricted to 90 Klms top speed
  • Maximum of ten hours driving per day
  • Min break of twelve hours per day
  • Not allowed to drive HGV on the Continent on Sundays, Bank Holidays, Fiestas, French Peak Holiday Weekends
  • French Customs do target UK plated vehicles which is a proven fact, (we have both Spanish and UK plated Vehicles)

It is 19 Hours just driving Calais to Barcelona on the Speed Limiter.

Driving Down?

There are two routes from Dover which are:

  1. Calais, Reims, Dijon, Lyon, Montpellier, and Barcelona. This is the most effective, although more expensive route with regards to road tolls, we use this route as it is more ‘truck friendly’.
  2. Or try, Calais, Paris, Clermont Ferrand, Millau [Over the New Bridge, Stunning Views] Lodeve, Beziers, Barcelona,this is a far prettier route, very hilly in the South, it is mathematically shorter, but Paris can be a nightmare.

Getting round Barcelona to the Port

Go round the ring road, almost a complete circle or run the gauntlet and go on the main road into Barcelona. Five minutes after you leave the First Toll Booth just outside Barcelona get into the left hand lane headed for Barcelona. You will come to another toll booth, and then it is signposted Port, Zona Franca. You will start going through the tunnels (NO HGVS ALLOWED) after 5 minutes, watch out for exit number 21. If you miss this just go to the next one and come back on yourself. The Port is a two minute walk from ‘The Ramblas’.

Barcelona Port
W Barcelona, Barcelona, Spain

Bit of Advice

When driving in Spain, especially around Barcelona, do not be distracted by anyone saying you have a puncture or a problem with your vehicle, they are deliberately trying to distract and possibly rob you.

I would suggest that you place all valuables, passports etc. in a concealed place whilst travelling, robbery, happens only to frequently to foreign registered vehicles.

The only weekly self-resourced removal service to
and from Mallorca – EST. 1985

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