“Brexit” has made the European Home Moving Market a far more level playing field, the introduction of Customs Documentation, procedure, whereby the Carrier now needs to be far more accredited than ever before,


But,  Beware!

As not all Movers Quote in the same manner it is Important that you understand exactly what Quotations include, and what they possibly DO NOT include. In this ever Competitive World there are numerous Agents, Brokers, their job to secure work for a Mover by offering enticing rates. Or even from the ‘Mover’ direct.

‘A Mover might write’ We have tailored your move to be cost effective whilst providing a superior level of customer service, but if you have any questions or amendments please do not hesitate to contact us. The Price given can appear at first attractive, but in fact, and as in most circumstances completely unrealistic and certainly will not be their Final Price.

Simplified this is their cheapest possible way in which your effects can be moved, they operate an ‘As and When Service’ which revolves around their limited availability, even subcontracted out to a random carrier, so its not too your reasonable requirements. You are then required to sign a contract immediately and possibly prepay.

However these are the EXTRAS that could be added after you signed!

  • Packing and Wrapping Materials
  • Shuttle Vehicle for poor access
  • Export Wrapping Service
  • Protective Covers for Soft Furnishings
  • Removal date of your Choice
  • Sub Contractors Charges
  • Delivery Date of your Choice
  • Long Carry and Stairs Charges
  • Storage Handling Charges
  • Very High Insurance Premiums

Their ‘Price’ can be reviewed AFTER it has been collected and PRIOR to delivery, holding you to what could be described as ransom. You should read any quote you receive from ANY MOVER through thoroughly – ‘Sour Grapes’?

No not at all, ours is the Reliable Service.

Here at Webb’s International Removals SL & LTD

It’s Reliable, Professional, and realistically priced to match.    Even with the Ramifications of Brexit we do guarantee to give you the very best Value for your Money !

We are the only Removal Company to have full time infrastructure in Mallorca, had a 100% On Time Weekly Record in 2023, still with an Office to call in to discuss your move; you will see that our Quotations go in to far more detail than most, written by ‘Removal Men’ rather Agents, Brokers, etc, So if you want a hassle free Move, where the price as Quoted is the same as the Invoice, we are the Company for You!

Now if your not too bothered possibly you could wait maybe six weeks plus from collection to delivery, with some others whom “Advertise a Balearic Service,

‘Call Me’ – Regards Bill Webb 0034 619 247 823

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

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