Packing Wrapping, Mallorca

12th February 2021

Packing Wrapping, Mallorca

Some say, the most important part of any Move, Removal is the Preparation ?

Export Wrapped Chairs Proper Job

This is often underestimated by those who want to pack all, or some of it themselves. Remember that seldom is it the same vehicle at collection than at delivery. For this reason Webbs International Removals prepare your home to be packed up ready for removal.

Export Wrapping Bed

We are not a company that looks at the cheapest way of moving anyone. We are the company that gives the very best value for your money. Do not underestimate this part of the process. It can be quite daunting, time consuming and yes, it is an art, our crews are professionals.  

As pointed out in the quotation, the insurers can only extend liability to goods for your declared value if the Mover BOTH packs AND unpacks.

Your Goods are of course covered for items you may pack, unpack. However they are limited liability, 40.00 per item, 100.00 per carton, maximum cover 25K. Therefore, use the best materials you can get, the materials as listed below are what we use.  Ours have to be of a high standard for the packing and wrapping jobs. We do and therefore can extend our liability to.  

Cheap quality single wall cartons that easily squash when stacked, that cheap sealing tape that will not stick to the box and then the bottom falls out?  

All a false economy and what some Budget Movers source   

You may Purchase these Materials from us:   

Order by Email   – In Stock at February 2021  

Double Wall Strength

General Carton Goods  4.00 Euros  ( 70, Wide  45, 45 ) CM

Small  Carton  Books Etc. 3.50 Euros,   ( 50,wide  35, 35, )   CM

Quality “Sticky” 6600 mm rolls of Tape, 2.50  Euro a Roll 

Wrapping Paper 12.5kg packs, 800 mm by 750 mm    20.00 Euros 

Light weight tissue     800 by 750 approx., 12,00 Euros per pack

Garment Carriers    45mm hanging space   18.00 Euros    

Bike, Flat Screen TV Boxes,   1524, 250, 958        20.00 Euros 

 Bubble Blanket 100 metre roll     

120.00 Euros or 2 Euros per Metre   

Bubble wrap 150 metre roll long, 1.60 High, 140.00 Euros or 2 Euros per Metre 

Bubble Wrap,  50 Metre roll by 1 metre high,  55.00 Euros

Five Ply paper Blankets, the more green option to Bubble, Blanket, Bubble wrap,

Standard Removal Blankets they are 3.00 Euros each

The Cartons are all the strong double wall ones as British Association

Removals approved.      

They all fold flat for easy Collection, Transport 

We also have Mattress, Sofa, Armchair Plastic Covers,

Approximately 20.00 Euros each 

Box Sizes Can Vary Slightly Subject to Supplier

Bubble Wrap, Blanket

 Removal Blankets, Cloth and Paper

Hanging Clothes Carriers

(We have Various sizes, Short and Tall )

Mattress, Sofa  Covers,

“Box ”  Sizes can Vary Subject to Supplier !

 Meet Adrian,

He’s our UK Foreman, with over 40 Years’ experience in Export Wrapping and Packing, Adrian is often over at our Mallorca Depot to assist and train our local crews, as he says, “if it’s not wrapped gorgeous, its not going! “

For those “Webbs” are carrying out a full pack and wrap service for,   now you can see what excellent value for money service we are !  


A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

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