Mallorca and UK Depot Not got a Scooby Doo !!!

22nd November 2017

Mallorca and UK Depot Not got a Scooby Doo !!!

Forgive the title but it will do well in Google !

Clients sending goods into our UK Depot for the Budget “Depot to Depot” system

As the webpage says,  you must email us to advise what you are sending along with contact details etc

Budget Rate Service “Check Which Depot to Send your Goods”


YOU MUST,  have YOUR name on whatever your sending on the packaging,    nowadays a lot of carriers deliver into us “paperless”

This week we have had two jobs arrive at the UK Office with    “Mrs Webb” Mallorca

Who do they belong to,    not a Scooby Doo at this time,     but we will find out,  eventually !



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