Moving House? The most important part of any move is the Preparation

30th June 2021

Moving House? The most important part of any move is the Preparation

When moving home, packing can be extremely frustrating and time consuming. This is often underestimated by those who want to pack all, or some of it themselves. But please remember that seldom is it the same vehicle at collection than at delivery. See our earlier post for more information about the packing services we offer. Webbs International Removals will prepare your home to a high standard at a price that is fair.

We are not a company that looks at the cheapest way of moving anyone. We are a company that gives the very best value for your money.

Do not underestimate this part of the process, it can be quite daunting, time consuming and yes, it is an art, our crews are professionals.

As pointed out in the Quotation, the Insurers can only extend liability to goods for “Your declared value if the Mover BOTH packs AND unpacks. Yes of course your Goods are covered for items you may pack, unpack, but that’s limited liability, 40.00 per item, 100.00 per carton, maximum cover 25K.

Therefore, Use the best materials you can get, the materials as listed below are what we use. Ours have to be of a high standard for the packing and wrapping jobs we do and therefore can extend our liability to. “Webbs” have always had an excellent reputation for its standard of packing and wrapping, this is rarely replicated by other Movers, Some, whom may well do a very limited “token” wrap of certain items and use Removal Blankets for the balance, remember your home if going via storage, shuttle vehicle required can be handled six to eight times. If there’s a Customs inspection it’s all got to be identifiable and accountable, simply not possible unless it’s been professionally prepared. Some of the Budget Movers will source, supply, Cheap quality single wall cartons that easily squash when stacked, that cheap sealing tape that will not stick to the box and then the
bottom falls out?

Read more about the packaging services we offer and download the prices as a pdf document.

Packing Supplies

We stock everything you need for your house move. Check out the pdf below to see our range of packing materials and price.

Meet Adrian

He’s our UK Foreman, with over 40 Years’ experience in Export Wrapping and Packing, Adrian is often over at our Mallorca Depot to assist and train our local crews, as he says, “if it’s not wrapped gorgeous, it’s not going! “.

“The Bitterness of Poor Quality Remains Long After the Sweetness of a Low Price is forgotten”.

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