Mallorca Car and Boat Transport by “Webbs”

1st December 2019

Mallorca Car and Boat Transport by “Webbs”

Madre mia, what is this ?

Possibly the only this type of vehicle combination in Europe !

A bit of an oddball idea of mine,      we carry a lot of toys, be that Small Boats, Jetskis, Sportscars etc

We do on occassion put Cars etc inside our Trailers as we operate a Unique Double deck system in them,

But they take up a lot of floor space even inside our Euro Mega Trailers

So,    The Transporter can operate just by itself, that’s four car spaces, 

But the really clever bit is, that we can then put the Trailer from our “Removals” Road Train behind the Car Transporter as well  !

Now we have an extremely versatile combination, We can Move your house contents, your Cars and Jet Skis etc, all on the same Truck !

A Reliable and Regular Service to and from Mallorca, EST 1985  

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