Inaccuracies on the Web

1st June 2017

Inaccuracies on the Web

If you have carried out a search for Webbs Int Removals on Google as well as other search engines you will find us quite easily,  in fact put Removals, Mallorca into any search engine and I am pretty sure we come up as number 1 on the thread

This is the Unpaid, Unsponsored section.

There are numerous other Removal Company’s websites whom have targeted our name

So we are pretty well known for what we do,

Now there is a certain website that has made an extremely serious allegation about our Company,  I’m not giving their exact name because that would only help their presence

This Company offers    Removals, Reviews written by XYZ  “Public” where bye that “Mover” has no ability to respond

This website is based in the USA but gives a UK number which is basically a commission based agent as it also sells to some

Removal Companys “leads”

A Report has been published on this Site about our Company,  which is fictitious.

And has described a move from Derby to the West Country, well In Derby there is another Mover of a very similar surname .

An Excellent Company of long standing .

in 35 years,  we have never carried out a Move of this description.

So why the Review.

Is it because we have at some time refused to pay for generation leads, or is a disgruntled competitor ?

Why despite representations to this website do they not defend let alone reply to both myself and The British Association of Removers ?

All I can say is this,    if anybody has any query or concern,

This is my Direct Number 0034 619 247 823 available any reasonable time

Regards     Bill Webb




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