Flip Flops with Insecure Curtains in Mallorca

24th March 2018

Flip Flops with Insecure Curtains in Mallorca

What a title !  This is for all those  that might trawl the Internet for transport methods from the UK to Mallorca

What is prevalent especially in the “Budget End” of the market, are, comparison websites, commission agents etc.

These Company’s usually have no protection to you the client, most do not have offices, just a Computer

They primarily use of what we in the Trade call the “Flip Flop Brigade”

These are mainly Eastern European Vehicles with driver whom tramp around UK, Europe for months on end ,   looking for work

These Vehicles are usually the Curtain side Body which offers zero security, small payload capacity, around 1200 Kilos

These Vehicles do not come with any wrapping, packing or protection for your goods

You must load and unload, they come  driver only !

Into the mix you now have to understand how they prices for this service

The price you are given will often say  “Plus Toll Charges and Ferries”  that could well mean another 1500 GBP into the equation

The Ferry Company’s here in the Balearics are well aware that this type of transport will try and book themselves on the ferry as “Private” instead of Trade , Private can be 50% less than the Trade Charge,  strange but true.

So if Mr Flip Flop has to pay the full rate,   that will be additional charges, hassle etc

This is a “Heads Up” for those whom may be looking down this avenue for “Removals” to the Balearics, well anywhere

There is no Cheap Professional way of doing this service, after thirty years I should know

This form of transport is fine for low value, weight non fragile goods though !      Is that your home ?

Check your Quotation thoroughly,    this is for your peace of mind, not so much mine!




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