Dangerous Comments !

11th September 2016

Dangerous Comments !

Tap into Google, “Webb’s Removals” Page three I think its on, is one of these Brokerage Agents,

You are given chance to make comments on “Removal Company’s” ,

Also this website gives you the opportunity to put in your details for Removal Quotes, all sounds a bit late,

if you have already Moved !

Anyway there is a Comment about a Poor Lady whom has had her effects stolen by her mover,

And yours truly is the alleged perpetrator !


We have never dealt with that lady  in any manner, we do not operate such a service, read the thread,


There is a very, very similar named Mover, they have an extra E in “Webb’s” and their Office is in exactly the same place you were Moving,

You are naming the wrong Company

So how, did our name, address, phone numbers etc get dragged into the mire I would like to know ??

The Webmaster should have checked this story prior to posting

A phone call to them Monday morning I can assure my readers,

Just goes to show how dangerous some of these websites can be

Always look for these badge when dealing with any Removal Company,






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