Common Sense Must Apply !

12th July 2016

Common Sense Must Apply !

Webb’s International Removals Ltd Speciality is UK, Mallorca UK, and for this purpose there has to be a common language and Terms and Conditions,

The Contract is Written in English, The Extended Liability likewise,

The whole process, UK, travelling through France then onto Spain, likewise the return has to be without any confusion.

Section 19 of our Terms and Conditions, wherether agreed to in either the UK or Spain does state that

The Applicable Law of the Contract is English, you may of course request that your contract be under a different Country’s Legal system, and that must be agreed to in writing prior to undertaking the business.

This section is “Highlighted” in the T and Cs as found at the website.

“Webbs” are members of various Trade Association’s for your peace of mind with over thirty years experience.

Any query regarding this, please do not hesitate to contact me




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