Brexit and Moving

22nd January 2021

Brexit and Moving

Brexit and Moving: This is an informal piece of information, written originally on the 22nd of January 2021, updated on the 17th February and based upon Information which is known.  No responsibility accepted for any errors, rules constantly being updated.

As of January 1st 2021, Brexit has enforced changes to the way the removal industry should run. When the UK left the EU the movement of “Removals” turned into a paperwork nightmare.

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What is the Impact of Brexit on Removals?

Today, that rather care free system of pre Brexit Moving is no longer acceptable. Household goods are now subject to Customs clearance, make no mistake, Europe is looking for revenue. It is highly likely that your “Move” will be stopped, inspected, be that in Spain, France and UK.

To Clarify, this applies if you are using a professional removals service like Webb International Removals, Moving it yourself, maybe hiring a Man with a Van.  Where moving items from the UK and EU, there will be the need for custom clearance.

No If’s, buts or maybe’s!     

Preparing your Move for Transport.

Since this new ruling on Brexit and Moving, everything now has to be professionally wrapped and packed with a numbered Inventory. Should Customs want to inspect number 28 for example, it can be identified, likewise, if Customs wants to inspect the whole truck, they can do so. That means that all the goods are removed from transportation, and spread across a warehouse floor for a full inspection. 

Export Wrapped Chairs Proper Job

Here at Webbs International Removals, for the past thirty years plus, we have always professionally wrapped goods and given our clients written inventory’s. This allowed us to move your goods to storage or via a shuttle vehicle if required. Export Wrapping is an art, now its going to be a necessity for all Movers transporting effects in Europe.

There will likely be delays caused should Customs not be able to identify inventory, and will entail an increase in handling charges, delays etc

How to avoid removal delays

Brexit and Moving issues such as delays can be avoided – our recommendation is that it is probably best to let the Mover do the packing and wrapping.  If your on a Budget, we can supply, or sell you the materials, but remember you have to pack, wrap to a professional standard and write up an inventory.  Don’t under estimate the work or time involved – but it certainly is a cost saving.

How about a vehicle just for you? We have over twenty different size vehicles, the Box, Panel Vans are High Volume, but do not have a reasonable weight to volume capacity,

We also have our “Shared Load Groupage Service”.  

Webbs Removals Trucks

Removals from Spain to the UK

Your goods have to be Exported, Spanish Customs have to clear the goods for departure, and will need copy of Passport, NIE, copy of Removal Factura and Inventory of the Goods complete with Valuation.

NB: Spain will refuse to clear your goods should you have any “Issues” with your status, inventory.

Brexit and Moving: Removals Entering UK

NB: Only applicable to those transferring residence

If you are selling, ending a Rental here in Spain and purchasing, renting a property in the UK,  if you do not have a property as yet, but can supply a checkable address, you can apply for  ToR1  this is the Link,

This link explains what is needed, to reiterate, we do the Inventory, you do the valuation, Passport, NIE, copy of past Spanish address, New UK address, or acceptable documentation of where you are staying whilst sourcing a Home, For example, staying with the In Laws, goods going to Storage!

Please remember to have Scans available.  

Now if this is a Part Load, Single item

Because you are now Importing the Goods into the UK, it does not matter if they were originally from the UK.

New, second hand goods are subject to VAT @ 20% of their declared value.

You can declare the value, this is checked by the UK Customs Agent whom works from a HMRC Code chart, experience to date shows that upon average, 30% of the declared Value is payable, 20% VAT, 10% Duty

Please Note Customs Agents Fees are also payable, Spain for issuing the documentation, UK for clearing the Documentation.


Brexit and Moving: Removals from UK to Spain

Transfer of Residence

Are you are moving your main home that is selling, ending a Rental UK and Purchasing, Renting a property Spain?

Do you have a NIE, copy of Rental Agreement, House Purchase, Registered with the Local Empadronamiento  in the area you are going to live?

If so, you may get in without paying 21% IVA on used household effects,

(NB: Anything newer than 6 months is a definite Import and subject to IVA @ 21% )

Now this is a GREY AREA.  If you are in the process of getting these documents,  “Chicken and the Egg Scenario “  they may charge the 21% to be refunded at a later date, or the Customs Agent can check on the Spanish Computer system to see if your application has been processed and fast track the documentation required.

These Customs procedures are developing all the time, and due to the COVID-19 Pandemic, the Divorce caused by Brexit,  Customs formalities which appear to be comprehendible only to themselves.

I would advise all clients to be prepared to pay the 21%

Part Loads Removal

For those whom are already residents in Spain, be this your main address,  second  holiday home,  those Importing, goods, supply’s, please first Check with either me Bill Webb in Mallorca, Gareth Webb  on what is not allowed to be Imported. We are hoping to have an up to date link ASAP on what is what.

21% IVA will be charged where applicable, 

Spanish Returning Nationals

We have had a few return to Spain and have rightfully queried if they are liable to pay IVA on their returning goods,

Yes, you do, unless of course you qualify in the same manner any other National would with the correct documentation and status,

Briefly, you have to have given up your home completely outside Spain, with Government documentation to confirm this, if you still have a holiday home, address outside Spain, you wont qualify

For Example,

Buying VAT Free in the UK

Should you have an EORI Number,  a Spanish business will have one, buy VAT Free in the UK, now check with your Accountants first.

Please Note Customs Agents Fees are also payable, UK for issuing the documentation, Spain for clearing the documentation


Again, well worth pointing out, should Customs decide to inspect the Load this is an additional expense which is charged pro rata across ALL clients on that particular trip, its in all Professional Movers Terms and Conditions


1.1 Our quotation, unless otherwise stated, does not include customs duties port charges including (but not limited to) demurrage and inspections or any fees or taxes payable to government bodies or agencies. For the price quoted We agree to accept liability for loss or damage to Your goods and premises subject to clauses 2.2, 3.2, 5.2, 5.3 and the provisions of Clauses 4, 9, 10, 11 and 12.

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