Boris and the Brexit Charges

2nd March 2021

Boris and the Brexit Charges

In this article, we discuss Boris and the Brexit Changes. This includes how these impact on exporting and importing from Spain – Brexit, Balearics, EU to the U.K.

Brexit has brought about a lot of changes. Primarily your effects now have to Exported out of Spain, then Imported back into Blighty.

The rules are the much the same. Whoever is transporting the Goods, be that you, Me, Man and Van, Horse and Cart.

Brexit Rules – What is needed:

  • Three separate Power of Attorney is required, Customs Agents and Webbs International Removals
  • Written Inventory, all goods must be numbered, Valuation and Description which must be presented to our Customs Agent whom in turn notifies Customs
  • Truck is inspected prior to documentation at Palma.

Only then do we receive your unique reference number and documentation. This is also sent by email to our UK Customs Agent to arrange clearance.

The Truck is then allowed to depart which takes four days from collection to departure as a designated vehicle for you. This time is made up of two days to process Documentation, one day at Customs inspection, fourth day get on the Ferry. As a Part Load, Shared Service, again its four days from the date the last Job is loaded. At Port of Calais, your documentation is scanned by the Ferry Company, Spanish Agent is then advised your goods have left the EU. The Truck into the UK may be inspected at the Port. The Truck then proceeds to UK Depot to await an update from UK Customs Agent. They will then advise if any duties are payable.

After this process is complete, the UK Office will then issue the appropriate Invoices, when they are paid, they will then arrange onward delivery or advise when you can collect.

As you can see, this is a lot different to pre-Brexit.  No delivery dates can be offered or implied, there are so many procedures outside our control. This is rather Frustrating, time consuming, more expense.


This is a process where your effects will be Imported without VAT or Import Duty, primarily for those whom are transferring their Sole Residence, Not those with holiday homes or Imports.

Please check out the link below, having a read through, “Webbs” will do the process for you, hence why we need a Power of Attorney as well as the Customs agent.

Direct access to the Customs Agents, this is not given, any questions must be directed to us, we will forward this on, they will in turn reply only to us.

Should you have to pay HMRC ?

Duties, VAT payable.

This is based on 20% VAT and Import Duty that average 10% of the Second-Hand Value, so work upon a 30% contribution to Boris.

Appeal against HMRC Charges  

We have to pay HMRC immediately. Therefore you should pay us by return, should you wish to appeal you take it up with HMRC directly.

Delaying, withholding payment to “Webb’s” will only lead to your shipment being put into Storage where Handling and Storage charges will be levied. 

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