Packing & Wrapping/Packing Materials

It is our Company Policy that all effects are transported suitably protected.

In the majority of cases your consignment might have to be transferred to a smaller vehicle for delivery, or you may be requiring storage, hence double handling,

That means Sofas, Beds and Soft furnishings in Protective covers, furniture etc “Export Wrapped” in bubble wrap, this is STANDARD in all cases, and our experienced crew will do this.


Packing Service, again we can do this, yes there is a charge, but it’s a lot less expensive than you would expect, we use only high quality strong cartons, tissue and bubble wrap. Garment Carriers if required as well

Packing yourself? We can supply all the materials you require, lets us know your requirements.

Also we can supply “Mover kits” this a standard kit with 10 large, 10 smaller cartons, wrapping paper, bubble wrap and sealing tape, ideal for a head start on our packing team!

Professional Packing Wrapping and Crating is Standard procedure, so if you are comparing Quotes, ensure that it is on a “like for like” basis.