Collection / Delivery in the Balearics

Webbs International Removals are the first “BAR” Company in the Balearics to have a registered depot

Moving to Mallorca - Collection / Delivery in the BalearicsOur Prime Mover from the UK will go direct to our Mallorca Depot, this vehicle is far to big and impractical to  deliver or collect at your home.

Now if you do have excellent access for such a Truck,   we will bring it !

But in the majority of cases it is not realistic

Therefore we use our very own fleet of vehicles based here in Mallorca for delivery / collection.

Now some places we have to deliver to are more accessible by a Horse and Cart rather than a Removal Vehicle, however we do have a wide selection of vehicles, some maybe somewhat unconventional, but, our system works.

Nothing Surprises Us !

Nothing Surprises Us !

Webbs International were the very first “BAR” Company in the Balearics to hold a Spanish Vehicle “Operators” Licence.

Its all well and good any other “Mover” having the latest equipment,  but that’s little use if they cannot get to your home !

Moving to Mallorca - Collection / Delivery in the BalearicsUnlike other “Movers” we do not charge extra for the “tranship” vehicle, after all we do profess to be the “Specialist”

Please read any other Companys Quotation,    you will see the majority stipulate, “Delivery to Good Access”      

The number you require in Mallorca is on your job sheet, however it is 0034 971 693566  . Bill Webb is on 0034 619 247 823 Direct

We look forward to hearing from you !