Costing, Structure & Insurance Liability

We at Webbs believe in giving clear and concise prices

It would be advisable to have a look at our “Price Promise

You will see that our Service is Fully Inclusive

Legal Liability Insurance

This is clearly explained in our Terms & Conditions.

Please note that all Movers must be Insured by Law, this is our Legal liability, however this cover is very restricted in value, (please read the Terms and Conditions)

Now you have the opportunity to upgrade to “Indemnity Cover” or even “New For Old Cover”,

Our UK Head Office will gladly explain the type of Cover and charges payable.

You do not have to use and pay for our Optional Insurance Cover, if you wish to make your own Insurance arrangements our liability will be restricted to that of the Terms and Conditions

There is a 50.00 GBP Excess on any Insurance Claim


Our Costing Structure involves a lot of separate elements, a common question on the smaller loads are how much per “Cubic Metre”

Costing, Structure & Insurance LiabilityThis terminology is used primarily for Trade Consignments whereby the client has the effects Professionally packed and wrapped ready for onward transport, it is difficult to put an exact price on Jobs that are not professionally packed, it is for that reason we can have our Estimator come and see you, or the completion of our On Line Quotation Form will give us a basis to come up with an Estimate.

Some clients want us to do everything, that is the packing, wrapping, furniture bubble wrapped, items dismantled if necessary, transported, unpacked, unwrapped and reassembled upon delivery. This service is our most common, and charged for accordingly.

Then there are other clients who want to do most of the packing and wrapping themselves, and we are just to transport the goods, again this will be a different price.

Our Company has built up its excellent reputation by giving our clients the best of service and realistic prices.

In these Competitive times there are many ways that a “Mover” can quote.

A Few Tricks or should I say “Interpretations”

Advertising a Service they have no intention of actually carrying out,

For a Start,   No other Mover at the time of writing does actually carry out the “Weekly Service”  that they advertise   “Quote Me on that if you want ”    White lies maybe

They Give Rock Bottom Quotations to get your signature on a Contract, Only to then tell you your goods will not be delivered for four weeks plus !

and NO, “Webbs International” are not affiliated to any other Mover,

We thoroughly recommend that you Read this “Price Promise”

"Welcome to Mallorca"

“Welcome to Mallorca”