Worldwide Shipping

“Webbs International Removals” have over thirty five  years experience in worldwide shipping to all corners of the world.

Balearic Islands – Worldwide

All shipping jobs will go through our UK Office, there is a very restricted service by Sea Container direct from the Balearics

As in the majority of cases all shipping jobs would have to go to either Barcelona or Valencia for onward shipment

So save the hassle and as we operate a weekly service to the UK by Road – it’s normally quicker, and certainly cheaper!

We carry out a Full Export Wrapping & Crating Service,

Documentation, Arrange “Marine” Insurance Cover, Everything!

Our Destination Agents are all professional Companies and members of similar Trade Associations

Lots of Information in Adobe File kept, to many to list, but we will send you the relevant files you will need

So it be a carton to Canada, a box to Bermuda, a crate to Cuba, a full home to Hawaii, even your Porsche to Dubai, we have a service for you.

Watch out for Quotations which are “Arrival Port Only”, A lot of Companies quoting jobs from The Islands quote only to Arrival Port Only, there are a lot more charges to be added which you will not find out about until later.

So Always request for your Quote to be either, Custom Cleared and Hand Out, or Custom Cleared and Delivered,


UK – Worldwide,

Straightforward,  we Ship Full and Part Containers around the World Weekly,   do you know that it is often faster and cheaper to have a container to yourself rather than share ? If you have a fair amount of goods to be shipped that’s a viable option. Call us !

Crating and Packaging,

If needed, we can arrange this,   at our UK Depot we have a professional crate maker literally on site,  here in Mallorca we carry a lot of crates in stock,   please note Crates used for Worldwide Shipping to the majority of country’s  MUST be of a certain standard and hold the relevant hallmark of the maker,    Yes, bit like a piece of Silver, The Hallmark shows the maker, date and country of manufacture

Gone are the days of making a Crate out of some scrap wood

Our Charges for these Services are True Value For Money